Peanut Butter Mixers in the news

I design and sell machines to make your life easier by automatically mixing your peanut butter.

Me with the Peanut Butter Mixers

One day my dad asked me to build a machine that would automatically mix up his peanut butter without all the mess.  So, I built one out of a Lego robotics set.  It  worked great and looked like this:

Lego Peanut Butter Mixer

But we took it apart so we could build other robots.

One day I got a 3D printer and played around with it a little. Then we realized that I could 3D print a Peanut Butter Mixer and Dad could mix his peanut butter whenever he wanted. I worked on the design and 3D rendering for about 6 months. Then we successfully printed the first ever no-mess, automatic Peanut Butter Mixer!

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